Our history and our reasons 

Live life every day to its fullest...Tony did.. with his devotion and love for his family, and his work. After a 25 year career with Digital Equipment Corporation (Now HP) as award winning salesman, my brother Tony was stricken with ALS (commonly known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease) and fought hard for his life.   Tony fought this so long, he died after 18 years.   Let’s kill ALS in Tony’s memory!   Please help us to make a difference join us and be devoted to the cure.



Our events are the way to "staying devoted to the cure" won't you help too?  We promised we would continue to fight this killer.

Our team not only helps, but often is our inspiration to continue.

(from left to right back)

  • Walter Tucker
  • Mike Leggett
    Joe Kitt
  • Tory Kitt
  • Zoe Kitt
  • Ande Depaola
  • Linny Tucker
  • Jolene Kitt
  • Kim Kitt

Contact us by email at golf4als@golf4als.com